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Our beautiful, functional landscape designs are created in close collaboration with our clients; we listen carefully to understand the environment you want to create and translate that in to an organic palette that can include plants, groundcovers, hardscapes, custom planters; even lighting and irrigation.  

In addition to identifying the aesthetic and practical goals, we take in to account drought tolerance and wildlife habitats plus water runoff and drainage issues so that your outdoor haven stays sustainable over the long term.  Our highly skilled team pulls from years of experience in architecture, landscape design plus small- and large-scale garden management to create a design that draws you outdoors.  




Whether you work with us to create a design or have one of your own, we can install your garden so that it provides lasting beauty.  We work with local suppliers to source the healthiest plants and plant them with care so they flourish in your landscape.  Our team is also experienced in installing stonework and other hardscapes; we can even create custom stone or steel planters to add some variety to your space. 




*Please note that we are not accepting new Maintenance clients at this time


Some people love to weed and water, and some want to leave it to the pros!  We can create maintenance packages that work with your landscape and lifestyle to make sure your garden looks its best while keeping your hands clean. 

Seasonal Maintenance


Let us lend a hand in the garden when you need it most. Seasonal maintenance is typically scheduled 2-4 times per year and can include:

  • Weeding beds

  • Pruning and cut backs

  • Compost: Top dressing beds and lawn

  • Fertilizing: Organic fertilizer to promote healthy growth

  • Corn Gluten: Organic pre-emergent to prevent weed seeds from germinating

  • Mulching

  • Disposal and removal of plants, leaves and other garden waste

Regular Maintenance 


Ensure that your landscape remains in tip-top shape with an all inclusive maintenance contract that's hassle free.  Fixed contract generally includes the following:

  • Pruning seasonal and perennial plants for ideal growth and to encourage blooming

  • Fertilizers: granular organic fertilizer applied three times in spring and twice in fall

  • Compost: beds will be top dressed with compost in spring

  • Pest control: we believe in minimal use of pesticides and when we put them to use we only use organics. When possible we will introduce beneficial insects and plants.

  • Seasonal cutbacks

  • Weeding beds

  • Checking and caring for plant general health

  • Checking water sprinkler times and/or watering

  • Raking and/or keeping bed areas defined

  • Check and care for potted plants

  • Disposal and removal of plants, leaves and other garden waste

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