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With this project, we removed a concrete and decomposed granite patio area and then dug out along the house to help with water and erosion that was building up on the foundation. We pulled out all the soil, sloped everything away from the house and created drainage so the water would drain around the house and down the hill. We then laid out and poured the concrete bench and catelevered out the redwood portion. Next, we scraped up the yard, re-laid the sod and created bed spaces. Finally, we put up posts to hang a sail for shade. But the most fun part was building a custom putting green so the client could perfect his game!


A majority of the backyard was covered in asphalt and the front yard grass was receding. We made a simple design for the front yard with some shade friendly varieties. the client wanted more useable space in the back for his kids to play and have pool parties. the concrete around the pool was cracking and a hot tub had been removed so there was an open square with no concrete. there was also flooding around the pool We repaired the concrete & resurfaced it. then we installed a drain in the pool deck to alleviate the flooding. We removed all of the asphalt and created a grassy area and a bed all along the back of the house with some color and low maintenance plants.


This client was having problems with people coming into their yard from the busy street. To combat that problem, we installed planters creating a separation between the sidewalk and their yard. We also custom welded and powder coated a gate. Behind the house, we scraped the entire yard, put in new soil, custom beds and created an additional patio off the back porch for a grilling area.


A custom steel fence separates them from greenbelt on the side yard and leaves the view open in the back...we regraded the back and created a space for the kids to play. Their main concern was improving the yard for the kids and building the fence that was a little see thru and a little not. We planted vines by the deck to help screen the view into their private area.

April Interiors - Wimberly

Installed trellis around pool to protect kids from falling off raised wall, removed stone finish on patio and refinished to update look, cleaned up yard.


This was a new construction. We were recommended by the builder to the client to design & install the full landscape around both units. The client lives in the front unit and rents out the back. She wanted to create a courtyard space between the two units and a small private space for the back unit to hang out in. We built all the retaining walls, added a lot of soil and built the masonry steps to the front porch. We also designed and planted everything on the property.

Sunflower Trail

This client is the mayor of Sunset Valley. She wanted to accomplish two goals, creating a more useable space in the front yard for her family and dogs to spend time in and preventing town members from knocking on her front door when they have requests. We created a plan with a fence around the front, expanded some bed areas, added a small seating area and incorporated some modern design elements mixed with her love of flair.

Shoal Creek #2

These people were tired of cars shining lights in their front windows. Their back yard is a cliff to the creek and so they wanted to convert their front yard into a secret garden that they can hang out in. They love color, native plants, herbs, fruit trees and polinators. We created screening that would separate them from the street, but also let them connect with people when they choose to. We worked around the heritage oak to not disturb the roots and built planters up to help with the screening. We incorporated some of their existing potted plants into the landscape and helped them create a space they will really be able to use in multiple ways.


They wanted a deck. I priced several decks and they went with the retaining wall version...We built a retaining wall to frame in the deck footprint that we wanted then we filled the deck area with roadbase. and put down pavers and gravel. Then we created two patio areas in the yard with bed spaces around them. we also created a creek for water runoff as this yard was used to chanel water from the neighborhood to a holding pond behind. We used a lot of rock dug out from the yard to line the swale and put boulders dug out from the yard into the landscape. The plantings were chosen for a french provencial look of lavendars and white flowers with a touch of light pink...


Our friends at Circle C were putting in a new pool, and decided they wanted a modern backyard design to match their remodeling. To define a seating area we created a rounded retaining wall with custom made steel edging and formed a patio with a Lueders Limestone design that goes down into a small staircase and pathway leading to the pool. We removed the existing grass, leveled, put new soil and sodded where it was needed, creating a swale around the perimeter of the yard to redirect rain fall and promote healthy drainage.


When the residents at Fortview first moved in, they sought after something different than the full bermuda grass their new house came with. They came to us wanting more of a grassy, beach-like feel with some slight cover from the street. We put in a colorful array of flowering shrubs, mexican feather grass, succulents and other drought tolerant plants. A large L-shaped planted was made for them to extend off the patio, creating more space and some privacy from the road. On the inside of the planter benches were added for more seating, and walkway connected the bench to the original front porch.

Shoal Creek

Our client at Shoal Creek is an architect that needed help creating their vision, so they provided the ideas and we helped form those into a design. While the house was still in construction we went in to put together a collection of sustainable plants for, not only a stunning exterior, but something that could be viewed and admired from the inside.

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